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Membership of the AIL

The Aims of the Association of Independent Libraries are to:

  1. educate and inform the public of the location and role of independent libraries

  2. encourage members to promote themselves as part of our national cultural heritage and as valuable educational resources

  3. maintain contact with members

The Objects of the Association of Independent Libraries shall be to:

  1. act in the interests of members of the Association in discussions and negotiations with national, regional or local organisations or other relevant agencies

  2. arrange meetings relevant to members' interests

  3. assist where practicable in preserving buildings, books, archives, art and museum collections owned by member organisations

  4. encourage full use and exchange of their special resources

  5. engage in lawful activities in furtherance of the Association's objects

  6. produce and issue periodic and other publications

  7. promote and manage appropriate social activities

  8. provide a liaison between members; seek supplementary finance and aid for the conservation of buildings, books, archives, are and museum collections.

colour plate of a library with women, men and a dog at the reference desk in the 19th century

Institutions may become members of the AIL if they are independent libraries that are willing and able to subscribe to the aims and objects of the Association. Applicants for membership shall supply, to the Secretary of the Association, copies of their Constitution or rules, details of their foundation, history and present organisation and a copy of their annual report and latest accounts for consideration by the Officers and Committee.

  1. Institutional Membership: £60 annual subscription, payable in January

  2. Concessionary Institutional Membership, payable in January, is available at the discretion of the AIL Committee

  3. Associate/Overseas Membership: £30 annual subscription, payable in January

Individual membership is available for those who support the aims of the Association and would like to participate in events run by the Association. In addition, Individual members will receive newsletters from time to time, and will be able to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Please contact individual AIL Libraries to find out about their own membership schemes. Some independent libraries will allow AIL Individual Members to use some of their facilities on an ad hoc basis.

  1. Individual Membership: £10 annual subscription, payable in January

For more information on joining or how to pay your subscription please contact"